Giancarlo Brajdic
Owner / Creative Engineer
Shannon Kelly-Brajdic
Operations / MUFX Artist




Historical Reproduction / Advanced Molding & Fabrication - " First Ladies."

Mold Maker - Mold Maker " Halloween Horror Nights. " ( Blue Whale Studios)

Fetal Position - MUFX Creature Design & Fabrication

Echo Health Care - Prototype Development & Design " I.V. Arm Trainers."

7-Sigma - Product Development ( Medical Devises) " Advanced Air Way Trainers."

Lead Mold Maker / Silicone Appliances / Props: " Cherry." ( Robert Kurtzman MUFX)


Lead Mold Maker / Silicone Appliance / Props : " The Collected." ( Robert Kurztman MUFX)

Mold Maker : " Halloween Horror Nights." (BLUE WHALE STUDIO'S)

Head of Makeup : " Missy Elliot Music Video."


Key Mold Maker / SFX Artist: " Future Cult Classic." ( Robert Kurtzman MUFX)


Key Mold Maker / Props : " Jay & Silent Bob Reboot." ( Robert Kurtzman MUFX)


SFX prop fabricator / Key Mold Maker: " Synchronic." ( Robert Kurtzman MUFX)


Prosthetic Makeup Fabricator / Key Mold Maker: " Doctor Sleep." ( Robert Kurtzman MUFX)


Make up FX Artist / Fabricator / Key Mold Maker : "Kill Roy was here." (Robert Kurtzman MUFX)


Make up FX artist / Key Mold Maker / Fabricator: " Haunting of Hill House." Netflix series (Robert Kurtzman MUFX)


Lifecast / Key Mold Maker: " Stranger Things," season 3. (Robert Kurtzman MUFX)


MUFX Artist for BLUMHOUSE film " MA," (Robert Kurtzman MUFX)


MUFX Artist for " TALES FROM THE HOOD 2," (Robert Kurtzman MUFX)

Writer / Developer of MUFX curriculum for: " GEORGIA FILM ACADEMY."


Cover Artist - " Decibel magazine."

MUFX Head - "Bikini Swamp Girl Massacre." 


SFX Make-up Head “ Play Dead.” Award Winning Film


SFX Make-up Head “ Sister Merideath


SFX Make-up Head: “ Hell Glades.”


SFX Supervisor / Fabricator -Warner Brothers Studio


SFX Make-up Head (Studio Promo -Via Paramount Picture) -” Terminator Genesis


Prototype developer for United State Army's Department of Defense.


Syndaver: Medical R.& D. Engineer for U.S. Military. Synthetic Cadaver design and fabrication.


Dell Computer commercial advertisement department custom props for national spot.


SFX Supervisor for “ SAW film promotion ”- Lionsgate SFX Artist for “Universal studio.”


Doctor Giggles MUFX film promotion.


Prototype Engineer for “ Shark Tank Product Development.”


SFX Supervisor for “ Museum of Natural History.” Reproduction of Deinonychus.


Custom Fabricator / Creative Engineering at Multi-Entertainment Events SFX Supervisor : “ Dead Buzz.”


SFX Supervisor: “ The way you look tonight.”


SFX Supervisor:  “ Alamara.”


SFX Artist / Art Director / Graphic Design - R.A.O. Entertainment


SFX  R&D:  “Aldi Medical.”


2015 Winner of BEST OF THE BAY. " Best SFX Artist.”


SFX Supervisor for studio promo : “ Nightmare before Christmas.” Touchstone Pictures


Development Engineer - Immortal Skins


SFX Supervisor : “ Addition.”


Medical Moulage Designer - University of Arizona


Producer : “ Evil Miami.” Pilot for Discovery Channel.


SFX Artist : “ Campus Life Haunted House.”


SFX Artist  (Sculptor): “ Deco Productions.”


SFX Artist / Engineer: (Savtivaz) “ Private Medical Research Development Firm.”


SFX Artist: “ Nightlight Studio's.”


SFX Artist: “ Delta air lines. National Spot.”


SFX Artist: “ Cambells Soup National Spot.”


SFX Artist:: “ Little Cesare's Pizza National Spot.”


Writer / Director : “ Satisfaction.” Short Film


Writer / Director / Editor : “ Dead Buzz.” Writer / Director / Editor : “Sister Merideath.”


Writer  / Director / Editor : “ The Way You Look Tonight.”