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Owner/ Creative Engineer Giancarlo Brajdic

Giancarlo Brajdic is a renowned makeup effects artist and the founder of Skull Asylum SFX Studio, a premier special effects studio based in Fayetteville, Georgia. With an extensive background in molding, advanced silicones, character and monster design, sculpture, lifecasting, and more, Brajdic's artistry has left an indelible mark across various mediums.

Brajdic's exceptional talent has graced the silver screen, with his work featured in numerous major motion pictures and television series.


His ability to create realistic and captivating characters and creatures has earned him recognition within the entertainment industry. From terrifying monsters to lifelike prosthetics, Brajdic's craftsmanship has brought countless visions to life, captivating audiences worldwide.

Beyond the realm of entertainment, Brajdic's expertise extends to medical development and historical reproduction. His attention to detail and mastery of intricate techniques have made him a valuable asset in these fields. Brajdic's work has contributed to advancements in medical simulations and educational tools, while also preserving historical accuracy through his remarkable recreations.

Not content with merely excelling in his craft, Brajdic has also played a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of makeup effects artists. He has developed comprehensive curriculums and established departments for makeup effects programs at various colleges and universities, ensuring that his knowledge and passion are passed on to aspiring artists.

Driven by an insatiable desire to push the boundaries of his art, Giancarlo Brajdic continues to explore new techniques and innovative approaches. His relentless pursuit of excellence and dedication to his craft have solidified his reputation as a true visionary in the makeup effects industry. With a burning passion for the arts and a keen eye for detail, Brajdic looks forward to the future, where he can continue to create one-of-a-kind makeup effects offerings that captivate and inspire audiences worldwide.



Studio MUFX Head for film: " Freak"

Studio MUFX head for film: "G(l)ory"


MUFX prop head: " Black Mafia Family Season 4"

Head product development & designer: "Applied Synthetics Medical"

Studio MUFX Head: " Black Mafia Family Season 3." 


MUFX Artist: "6888 Film / Tyler Perry Productions."

R&D lead medical product developer and designer: " Pocket Nurse Medical."

Studio MUFX Head: " Black Mafia Family" / Season 2."

Product Development and Design: " Vdom."

Set Design / Molding and Reproductions: " The Ms. Pat Show."/ BET Television Series

Product Development and production Design: " Elfa Medical."

Studio MUFX Head - " Doria's Journey." 

Studio MUFX Head - " Black Family Mafia." / Starz Television Series

Historical Reproduction / Advanced Molding & Fabrication - " The First Lady." / Showtime Television Series/ Season One

Mold Maker - " Halloween Horror Nights. " (Blue Whale Studios)

Fetal Position - MUFX Creature Design & Fabrication

Echo Health Care - Prototype Development & Design " I.V. Arm Trainers."

7-Sigma - Product Development (Medical Devises) " Advanced Air Way Trainers."

Lead Mold Maker / Silicone Appliances / Props: " Cherry." (Robert Kurtzman MUFX) / Feature Film


Lead Mold Maker / Silicone Appliance / Props: " The Collected." (Robert Kurztman MUFX) / Feature Film

Mold Maker: " Halloween Horror Nights." (BLUE WHALE STUDIO'S)

Studio MUFX Head: " Missy Elliot Music Video."

Prop Maker for: " Stargirl TV Series. " (Monster FX) / Television Series CW Network


Key Mold Maker / SFX Artist: " Future Cult Classic." (Robert Kurtzman MUFX) / Feature Film


Key Mold Maker / Props: " Jay & Silent Bob Reboot." (Robert Kurtzman MUFX) / Feature Film


SFX prop fabricator / Key Mold Maker: " Synchronic." (Robert Kurtzman MUFX) / Feature Film


Prosthetic Makeup Fabricator / Key Mold Maker: " Doctor Sleep." (Robert Kurtzman MUFX) / Feature Film


Make up FX Artist / Fabricator / Key Mold Maker: "Kill Roy was here." (Robert Kurtzman MUFX) / Feature Film


Make up FX artist / Key Mold Maker / Fabricator: " Haunting of Hill House." Netflix series (Robert Kurtzman MUFX)


Life cast / Key Mold Maker: " Stranger Things," season 3. (Robert Kurtzman MUFX) Netflix Series


MUFX Artist for BLUMHOUSE film " MA," (Robert Kurtzman MUFX) / Feature Film


MUFX Artist for " TALES FROM THE HOOD 2," (Robert Kurtzman MUFX) / Feature Film

Writer / Developer of MUFX curriculum for: " GEORGIA FILM ACADEMY."


Cover Artist - " Decibel magazine."

MUFX Head - "Bikini Swamp Girl Massacre." 


SFX Make-up Hea: “Play Dead.” Award Winning Film


SFX Make-up Head “Sister Merideath ”


SFX Make-up Head: Hell Glades.”


SFX Supervisor / Fabricator -Warner Brothers Studio


SFX Make-up Head (Studio Promo -Via Paramount Picture) -” Terminator Genesis”


Prototype developer for United State Army's Department of Defense.


Syndaver: Medical R.& D. Engineer for U.S. Military. Synthetic Cadaver design and fabrication.


Dell Computer: Commercial advertisement department custom props for national spot.


SFX Supervisor for “SAW film promotion”- Lionsgate SFX Artist for “Universal studio.”


Doctor Giggles Film MUFX studio promotion.


Prototype Engineer for “Shark Tank Product Development.”


SFX Supervisor for “Museum of Natural History.” Reproduction of Deinonychus.


Custom Fabricator / Creative Engineering at Multi-Entertainment Events SFX Supervisor : “ Dead Buzz.”


SFX Supervisor: “ The way you look tonight.”


SFX Supervisor:  “ Alamara.”


SFX Artist / Art Director / Graphic Design - R.A.O. Entertainment


SFX R&D: “Aldi Medical.”


2015 Winner of BEST OF THE BAY. " Best SFX Artist.”


SFX Supervisor for studio promo: “Nightmare before Christmas.” Touchstone Pictures


Product Development Engineer - Immortal Skins

Writer / SFX Supervisor: “Addition.”


Medical Moulage Designer - University of Arizona


Executive Producer: “Evil Miami.” Pilot for Discovery Channel.


SFX Artist: “Campus Life Haunted House.”


SFX Artist (Sculptor): “Deco Productions.”


SFX Artist / Engineer: (Savtivaz) “Private Medical Research Development Firm.”


SFX Artist: “Nightlight Studio's.”


SFX Artist: “Delta Air Lines." National Spot.”


SFX Artist: “Campbells Soup National Spot.”


SFX Artist: “Little Cesare's Pizza National Spot.”


Writer / Director: “Satisfaction.” Short Film


Writer / Director / Editor: “Dead Buzz.”


Writer / Director / Editor: “Sister Merideath.”


Writer  / Director / Editor : “ The Way You Look Tonight.”

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